Benefits of a website?

1. Websites run 24/7

When running a business from a location, shop or office, your business is only available during select hours or days of the week. Having a website gives access to your business, products & services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a modern website design, visitors can leave you a message, buy your products or book a service you offer even when your business is closed.

2. Showcase your work

Creating brochures and distributing them can cost a lot of money. There is no better place to show a detailed catalogue of your work than your own business website. Instantly you have a chance to introduce people to your products and services adding another way for people to find out more about you and what you offer.

3. Target a wider audience

With a website you are accessible from anywhere in the world. Nearly 4.2 billion people actively use the internet, over half the worlds population. Whether your business offers products, services or information, your website design provides you with an alternative way to spread your message other than your physical location.

4. Retargeting

When a person visits your website it is extremely likely they are interested in the service or products you have available; this however cannot all ways lead to a sale or a client. Using various retargeting methods you can send adverts to the visitor across various platforms displaying your products to them again. Retargeting visitors of your website is 70% more likely to result in a sale than someone who has never seen your products.

5. Credibility

More and more people are searching online to find out about businesses before buying their services or products. People expect companies to have their own website, just as they used to expect you to have a physical address. By not having a website you can compromise your credibility and lose potential clients.

6. Latest Information

Customers look to websites for the latest information on products or services. Unlike printed catalogues and leaflets which can become quickly outdated, your website can provide you with the easiest way to keep your information and news up-to-date.

7. Customer Service

When needing assistance on one of your products or services you offer, the first place a customer will likely look is to your website. Whether you include a chat messaging system, an email form or both, you give clients a way to contact you directly. Including a frequently asked questions section is also an easy way to appease your clients and save time.

8. It can save you money

In todays world you can’t afford not to have a business website, especially if you have it built with a content management system allowing you to easily change information yourself saving money on updates. Building a professional website is worth your initial investment, especially when you compare it to more traditional print methods of advertising. Website designs have become a very cost effective way of promoting your business.


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